Enlightenment On The Road To Oblivion: (Or, Why A Canticle for Leibowitz Is Just As Relevant Today As It Was More Than Half A Century Ago)

The inimitable Paul Goat Allen is an expert when it comes to good reads. Everyone should check this out if you are a fan of books.

Paul Goat Allen

81+nEaSfjdLEver since reading Walter M. Miller, Jr.’s wildly thought-provoking classic A Canticle for Leibowitz (1959) for the third time a few weeks ago—it’s one of the rare novels that I’ve read multiple times—I’ve been thinking a lot about the significance, and ultimate mission, of science fiction. One statement that keeps resurfacing in my mind is something that Lou Anders, the former editorial director at Pyr Books, wrote in the introduction of the 2007 anthology Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge:

“Science fiction is skepticism. Science fiction is rationalism. Science fiction is the notion that there are other perspectives out there, other modes of thinking, other ways of being than those in front of your nose, worlds beyond your current understanding. Science fiction opens the mind to the notion of change. Science fiction is enlightenment packaged in narrative.”

513HhlT7msLEnlightenment packaged in narrative. I love that line. I can’t…

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